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Creating DICOM Images from raw Pixel data

Sometimes we are asked the question of how to create a new DICOM image from imaging source (such as a detector) that outputs raw pixel data. With the help of DicomImage.SetPixelFile method, this becomes fairly simple. The following C# code shows how to load a single frame CT pixel data file from disk and create a new DicomImage object for display purposes only: DicomObjects.NET SetPixelFile method DicomImage img = new DicomImage(); // add all relevant group 28 attributes to image to tell DicomObjects how to display img.

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Creating Secondary Capture Images

Any ‘valid’ Dicom Image is a conglomeration of Pixel data and several mandatory data attributes. To generate a Secondary Capture (SC) Image from existing non-Dicom image then all that is required is to load the required image into a DicomImage using the import function and then adding on the appropriate attributes. Dicom Objects will automatically take care of all the attributes relating to the pixel data (Group 0x0028). Part 3 of the Dicom Standard Contains Table A.

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