Registering Custom Codec with DicomObjects.NET


  • Create new Custom CodecFactory class
  • Implement DicomObjects.DicomCodecs.IDecompressor
  • Implement DicomObjects.DicomCodecs.ICompressor interface
  • Registering your CodecFactory with DicomObjects.NET

Optimization changes and benchmarking

This has been one of the biggest improvements and cumulative optimization changes to our DICOM toolkit since the beginning.

Validation Options

The new validation method is designed to give users more granularity and detailed results.

Disable DPI Awareness

Symptom Very rarely, but it does happen, that developers are faced with a very strange behaviour where their winForm application automatically changes it size on start up when DicomObjects.

Concurrent Licence (RAM) Relay Server

DicomObjects' concurrent licensing model allows users to set up an internal relay server using Asp.

Creating DICOM Images from Raw Pixel Data

Sometimes we are asked the question of how to create a new DICOM image from imaging source (such as a detector) that outputs raw pixel data.