DICOM Web Viewer Template

Flexible design with compatibility in mind

  • Web Client capable of sending WebAPI or DICOM Qido/WADO requests to fetch data from server
  • Web Server with WebAPI endpoints or DICOM Restful endpoints to handle web client requests
  • Web Server can work with your own PACS as well as any 3rd party PACS. Options to retrieve DICOM data via either DICOM DIMSE or any other user defined methods

Range of tools

Windowing, Measurement, Annotation, Image Manipulations and more

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MPR, CT/PET Fusion, VR

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Base Package

3D Functionality

£2000 £1000
Includes: Web Viewer, WebAPI (WADO-URI), Setup Guide Upgrade your viewer to include 3D features (MPR, VR)


Purchase the Web Viewer source code, customize it and make it your own product

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