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    DicomObjects Namespace
    In This Topic
    The DicomObjects namespace contains all the main DicomObjects classes
    Class Extension methods for Bitmap Image encoding
    Class A class which holds static members providing access to ready-made Colour Palettes, including those pre-defined by DICOM
    ClassClass representing a single DICOM Association
    Class A collection of DicomAssociation objects
    ClassClass representing a single DICOM Attribute
    Class A DICOM presentation context, as used in association negotiation
    Class The list of DICOM Presentation contexts proposed or accepted during negotiation
    ClassA DICOM data set
    ClassA collection of DicomDataSet objects
    ClassSpecific Exception for DICOM errors
    ClassPlaceholder for various static methods and properties
    ClassClass representing a DICOM Image
    Class Class to display 3D DICOM data in various modes
    ClassA Collection of DicomImage objects
    Class Class to display 3D DICOM data as a curved MPR
    Class A class which allows overlaying of multiple images
    Class A label, or annotation, to be displayed over an image in a DicomViewer control, or in derived copies of the image.
    Class Class to represent a 3D orientation label superimposed on a 3D image.
    ClassA collection of DicomLabel objects.
    Class This class handles all the new licensing scheme for DicomObjects.
    Class Provide Basic information of a Concurrent license object
    Class Subclass of DicomImage, created for Mask Subtraction
    ClassAn object to simply printing to a DICOM printer
    ClassObject used for DICOM Query/retrieve SCU operations
    Class An object for handling advanced network communications, as both SCU & SCP
    Class class to hold details of a DICOM User Identify
    Class Specialised Exception for reporting validation exceptions
    ClassA visible control to display DicomImage objects
    ClassClass used to represent a "volume" of data, either from a set of individual 2D DICOM images, or from a 3D multi-slice object. It currently has no public properties or methods, other than constructors, and is used only in the constructor of the DicomImage3D object.
    Class Definition of all file signatures/magic numbers of commonly available executables and archives
    ClassClass used to provide information about the location of value within a DicomAttribute within a DicomDataSet, possibly within nested datasets
    Class The customisable dialog used when a license needs to be acitvated or information about it needs to be displayed.
    Class Class to hold explicit lookup tables
    Class Specific behaviour to use when reading/receiving a DICOM instance
    Class Class to hold details of the path from a dataset to an attribute within it, including those nested in sequences.
    ClassOptions to validate DicomDataSet and its DicomAttributes
    Class Specific behaviour to use when writing/sending a DICOM instance
    Interface Interface to allow override of the default CIELab <=> RGB conversion
    Interface A simple interface used by extension codecs for video
    InterfaceThis interface is shared by DicomImage derived classes which provide a "view" of an image, including both 3D images (DicomImage3D) and Fusion image (DicomImageFusion).
    Structure Structure to hold a line in3D space
    Structure Defines a plane in 3D space.
    Delegate Delegate to fetch binary data for the bid
    Enumeration The types of 3D rendering available
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