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Creating Secondary Capture Images

Any ‘valid’ Dicom Image is a conglomeration of Pixel data and several mandatory data attributes. To generate a Secondary Capture (SC) Image from existing non-Dicom image then all that is required is to load the required image into a DicomImage using the import function and then adding on the appropriate attributes. Dicom Objects will automatically take care of all the attributes relating to the pixel data (Group 0x0028). Part 3 of the Dicom Standard Contains Table A.

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Secondary Capture


Secondary Capture Images Composite Instances which are the “lowest common denominator” images available in DICOM. Whilst there is sufficient information to identify the patient, date and institution, they do not contain any scaling, or other modality information, so are effective “just pictures”. They are commonly used for: Screen captures Scanned request forms etc. Whilst the original secondary capture object definition was minimally defined and originally allowed a huge variety of DICOM bit-depths etc.

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