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Calculating SUV from PET images


If a PET image has field [54,1001] set to BQML, then the PET image can be displayed in SUV. Before you can do this you will need to do a conversion from activity concentration to SUV. Examples of SUV types: SUV Body Weight (SUV-bw) SUV Body Surface Area (SUV-bsa) SUV Lean Body Mass (SUV-lbm) SUVbw and SUVbsa equations are taken from Kim et al. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Volume 35, No.

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Coronal, Sagittal & Transverse position calculation

To calculate frame position in terms of Sagittal, Coronal and Transverse position please see the attached code. /* get info from file */ // (0028,0030) float[] pixel_space = new float[2]; string[] pixel_space_p = Viewer.CurrentImage.DataSet[0x0028, 0x0030].Value as string[]; pixel_space[0] = float.Parse(pixel_space_p[0]); //Pixel size (row to row) pixel_space[1] = float.Parse(pixel_space_p[1]); //Pixel size (colums to columns) // (0028,0010) & (0028,0011) ushort rows = (ushort)(Viewer.CurrentImage.DataSet[0x0028, 0x0010].Value); // number of rows ushort colums = (ushort)(Viewer.

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Geometric Magnification

in Display,

For plain radiographs (conventional x-rays), the size recorded on the film is always larger than the size of the object being imaged, due to an effect called geometric magnification. Moreover, as shown in the diagram below, the amount of magnification varies for different objects, depending on their distance from the film, so it is NOT in general possible to “correct” for such magnification without knowing the distance of the object from the film.

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Ultrasound Region Spacing Calibration

This article will show you how to create an Ultrasound image from imported pixel data. DICOM Ultrasound images contain multiple regions specifying the different parts to the generated image. Each of these regions has it’s own pixel geometry and each region can take priority over another if they overlap. See C.8.5.5 US Region Calibration Module for details. DicomObjects supports reading and creating these formats fully, and our Viewer will respect these regions for ROI measurement and pixel inspection.

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