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DICOM Preamble Vulnerability


This page addresses a reported vulnerability in the preamble defined by the DICOM file format. The vulnerability could allow DICOM files stored on media to have executable malware inserted.

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DicomObjects COM / ActiveX Version

For over 20 years the DICOM Toolkit (API) Library DicomObjects COM / ActiveX version has been a widespread success across the globe, and has shown itself to be a well-established and well maintained mature product. It is quite capable of being used for all task listed on the main DicomObjects page, and can be deployed and utilised in any environment which supports COM Objects (including Visual Studio with or without.NET, Delphi, Visual Basic 6, VbScript etc.

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This page provides access to all current and a selection of older versions of all our Toolkits. We recommend that new users download the self-contained installers, which include everything you need to get started such as documentation and example programs, but existing users should use the “Download latest and previous versions” links to find updates and other versions of the products which they use. If you are downloading as a new user, please note the trial key for the product that you are downloading - you will need this at the end of the installation process to activate your 60 day trial key.

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