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Cine Performance

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This article explains how to get the fastest performance for cine images such as cardiac angiograms For multi-frame images, DicomObjects has several mechanisms to make best use of the facilities available in any PC, but fast display of cine images is a challenging task, and the optimum method will differ from one PC to another depending on the amount of RAM, the speed of the disk, the type of display card, and the nature, compression and size of the images themselves.

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How to Specify the Cine Display Rate


There are multiple ways of specifying Cine Rate (Multi-Frame Display Speed) in DICOM, in two categories: The actual acquisition times of the frames There are two ways of specifying this, equally spaced or arbitrary, and the choice is defined by attribute Frame Increment Pointer (0028,0009), which will point at one or other of the following attributes: Frame Time (0018,1063) –> this will give the time in ms for every frame (so Rate = 1000/Frame Time) Frame Time Vector (0018,1065) –> this is the frame time for each frame individually (so frame times do NOT need to be the same) Recommended Display Frame Rate (0008, 2144) This is specified in frames per second (unlike the acquisition times) and does NOT necessarily have to be the same as that calculated from the above, though there is no reason why it should be different.

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