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Conversion from the COM version of DicomObjects to the .NET version

Conversion of a DicomObjects ActiveX/COM project to .NET looks initially daunting, but in fact is quite simple, and for those using any of the complicated ActionComplete/ActionUpdate mechanisms and asynchronous DicomConnection objects will find that the resulting code is lot simpler and easier to maintain after conversion. As ever, we are happy to help with any conversion issues. Threading Model The .NET version is free-threaded so all the events fire on their own threads, rather than being marshalled back onto the main thread.

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DicomObjects COM manifest file

There are many ways to generate a manifest file. They can be used to define your project’s resource dependencies (and much more) and for this example we have used mt.exe which comes as a part of the windows SDK installation. This avoids the step to register COM object on a machine mainly for portability and reasons related to restricted registry access. A manifest file can be added to your project (if supported) so that the resources are identified when the executable is run.

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