C-MOVE Problems


Why might C-MOVE not work in practice? It is very common for users new to DICOM and DicomObjects to find that they can get queries (C-FIND) working, but fail when they try to retrieve images using C-MOVE (Using either MoveImages or GetUsingMove). There are a number of possible reasons for this, but by far the commonest is the first - failing to set up the server. Before looking at the possibilities in detail, it is worth looking at the difference between C-MOVE and other DICOM protocols, as this explains most of the issues.

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The GetUsingMove method is designed to allow C-MOVE to be used as easily and synchronously as C-GET from the COM version of DicomObjects, as many commonly available servers refuse to support C-GET, forcing use of C-MOVE. While MoveImages has been available in DicomObjects for some time, it is difficult to use, requiring close co-ordination between a listening object (DicomViewer or DicomServer) and a DicomQuery object. GetUsingMove handles all the necessary co-ordination internally, opening a port, receiving the images, and presenting them, just like GetImages.

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