Print Annotations


DICOM Printing contains a specification for ‘Annotations’, but the terminology is very confusing, so this page is designed to explain the facility, and avoid misunderstandings.

When a FilmBox is created, it has 3 types of area, as in this diagram:


Areas where pixel data can be printed (Using N-SET)




nothing can be printed here

In general, the arrangement of the pixel data areas is defined by the Format string (e.g. STANDARD\2,2), but the annotation areas are defined at the whim of the printer manufacturers, and can only be found from the conformance statement.


DicomObjects does support putting text into the annotations (using AddAnnotation), BUT:

Of course, the main confusion in this mechanism is the use of the term “annotation”:

This latter facility can be achieved using DicomLabel objects, and ensuring that the final parameter to PrintImage is true.

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