Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine

DICOM is the main standard used in medical imaging, and is the main purpose of DicomObjects


Both the ACR (American College of Radiology) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) jointly created a standard called ACR-NEMA. This “standard” was introduced around 1985 to simply ensure that imaging equipment had a unified method of connectivity. This was considered version 1.0.

In 1988, version 2.0 was created, and in 1992, version 3.0 was released and aptly named DICOM. The term ACR-NEMA, was replaced with DICOM, however, the tag of “3.0” was kept to denote the fact that this was, indeed, the next version of the standard. Currently,
the DICOM committee intends to keep 3.0 as the released version and only offer updates as new modalities and Objects are defined.