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DicomObjects Namespace / DicomLicense Class / Delete Method

In This Topic
    Delete Method
    In This Topic
    Delete a specific DicomObjects license on a machine.
    Public Sub Delete() 
    Dim instance As DicomLicense
    public void Delete()
    public procedure Delete(); 
    public function Delete();
    public: void Delete(); 
    void Delete(); 

    This method may be useful to remove trial licenses etc., but should be used with care on an end-user machine just in case there are licenses installed by other vendors, which should not be deleted

    Depending on the version of windows, and the permissions of the user, it is possible that the license may be removed, espeically if it was installed by an administrator, but this method is invoked by a less privileged user.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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