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How to make Rad69 request without using DicomObjects

In XdsObjects, we have made a new method for retrieving Imaging Document sets without the dependency to DicomObjects. And here is the CSharp sample code to show you how to make a Rad69 request without using DicomObjects: string RepositoryOID = ""; string StudyUID = ""; string SeriesUID = ""; string InstanceUID = ""; string AET = ""; // not necessary if the KOS uses OIDs  XdsImagingClient client = new XdsImagingClient(); // you would set up one of these for each possible endpoint client.

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Product Licensing Overview

This page explains licensing structures and some of the frequently asked questions.

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XdsObjects Examples

This page contains a set of sample XdsObjects programs - please contact our technical team if you need any help. If you are new to DicomObjects please use the 60 day trial: TR-5647-5499-1268 To obtain a complete package of examples and help file, please download our installer from here. If you would like to download our samples individually, you may need to update the references in the project to point to the downloaded copy of DicomObjects and its associated DLLs.

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XdsObjects V8 versions

60 day trial: TR-5647-5499-1268 This page allows you to download both current and historical versions of XdsObjects

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XdsObjects | XDS API/SDK Toolkit

Overview Following on from the success of DicomObjects for DICOM, Medical Connections added XdsObjects to its product range. This is an XDS toolkit to simplify the development of applications which conform to the IHE XDS profiles. IHE Profiles XdsObjects supports all the following profiles: Full support for all XDS.b transactions (as server and client) Provide and Register Document Set Register Document Set Registry Stored Query Retrieve Document Set XDS-I.

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