Free Services

We provide several free services to help those developing DICOM & XDS applications, whether they use our tool kits or not.

Free UID

All those who create or modify DICOM instances (including technically those applying lossy compression) must have a unique root UID - we have provided free UIDs for nearly 20 years, and are happy to continue doing so - go to the Free UID page to request a UID.

Public DICOM Server

Our public DICOM server has been running for many years for everyone to test their DICOM implementation. It is accessible over the web at ports 104 and 11112 on For details, see the configuration page here:

Various Web Services

With recent resurgence of interests in DICOM over http, we have not only added support for this to DicomObjects .NET version, but we have also added it as a proxy layer to the public DICOM server. This means that it is for instance possible to send an image using DICOM C-STORE to the DICOM server, and subsequently to retrieve it via one of the WADO variants.

For more details of all web services, please visit our DicomServer Site.

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